About Mailistic

Mailistic is the little brother of Imail, a professional collaborative mail manager. Indeed, after having developed Imail for several years to then market it. This one helped us to manage millions of emails for our different users. Based on this experience and the feedback we received, we realized the need for it. We needed to create a solution to analyze and improve the management of professional emails for companies wishing to enhance their productivity on emails without changing their manager

What motivates us

It is helping people communicate more effectively through the incredible digital object that is email.

Fluid web interface

Ergonomic and intuitive design

No installation required

Ready to use solution


The people behind Mailistic

Discover the team without whom nothing would have been possible

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Shimon Ben-Amy
Co-Founder & CEO

"Simplifying, assisting, and improving the management of users' daily tasks has become my leitmotif."

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Eliot Oselka
Co-founder & brand manager

"Gaining clarity and presenting information are tasks I particularly enjoy."

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