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Mailistic analyse de gestion de mails professionnels

Monitoring and tracking tools with reports and statistics

Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 (soon available for Gmail)

Business email addresses and response time tracking

Visualize in 4 key figures your performance in processing your business emails.
Define the time of day, the day, or the period to analyze to discover your efficiency in answering your customers by email.
Discover your productivity: number of emails per day received, number of emails answered per day, response time, and satisfaction rate.

meilleure gestion des emails professionnels

Improved Outlook mailbox management

Evaluate and export your message tracking data over different periods for comparison.
Review your progress in email response times.
Quantify your satisfaction rate on defined timeframes to control your email client management!

analyse statistique des emails pro

No forgotten business emails

In addition to giving you complete email statistics,
Mailistic shows you the emails that have not been answered.
An unanswered customer email does not go unnoticed anymore!

mieux gérer ses emails d'entreprise

Configure Mailistic in less than 5 minutes

Benefit from all the statistics for your email accounts in less than 5 minutes!

Want to improve your customer follow-up by email, thanks to Outlook email statistics?

Introductory price
15€/month instead of 30€/month

Better productivity on your Outlook email accounts

With a simple and intuitive tracking tool for you, your customer support, and sales teams.

Easy configuration

You log in with your Exchange email account and its password.
You don't have to install anything!

Confidentiality assured

We do not have access to the content of your emails, only to the headers. Your email address and password are encrypted.

No new processes

You continue to use the same mail manager (Outlook and Gmail) while having comprehensive statistics on the processing of your emails.

mieux gérer ses emails entrant d'entreprise

Mail tracking and statistics tool compatible with MS Exchange, for whom?

You have the management or responsibility of one or more business email accounts under Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.
You want to get detailed reports/statistics on your business email reception and management.
You want to know how productive you are in handling your emails and how efficient your team is.
You don’t want to forget to answer one or more of your company emails.
You want to supervise the excellent follow-up of the email addresses of your sales representatives.
You can configure their email addresses and define only the statistics for your customers.

améliorer la gestion des emails d'entreprise

How to manage your professional email accounts from Outlook and Gmail more efficiently?

You connect to the Mailistic web interface and abracadabra! All we need is your email address and your password.
You get all the statistics on Outlook emails and have relevant data on your email flow and the response time to your contacts.
It’s easy, intuitive but beware! It can quickly become addictive 😉
Currently available for email addresses under Exchange and Office 365.
You are under Gmail. Still a little patience, Mailistic will be available soon for Gmail. Sign up to be kept informed.

mieux gérer ses emails pro

Why use Mailistic to manage your email addresses more efficiently?

We developed a comprehensive business and collaborative email manager, Imail, in 2015.
We helped our users manage millions of business emails. Measurability of their productivity is essential because you can’t improve what you don’t know!
However, not everyone is in a position to change their company email and processes… Yet, email is a central place of exchange in our professional lives.
We, therefore, wanted to democratize the measurability of business emails to anyone who wants it.
That’s why we developed Mailistic to know and improve its management of professional emails!

Want to improve your email management with email tracking reports?

Mailistic, the mail management software, what does it do?

analyser ses emails pro

Mailistic gives you a complete dashboard for your effective business email management as well as plenty of relevant statistical data reports!

analyse statistiques emails pro

Do you want to know the number of emails received or the number of emails received per client via Outlook?
Visualize the number of received mails of the day, of the week, or over a specific period.
Compare the data between two clients, at different periods or both.

rapport statistique emails pro

Do you want to know the average response time to these emails or the average response time for a specific customer?
It’s the same, visualize your performance for the day, the week, or over a given period.

In addition, your satisfaction rate is the percentage of emails answered within the desired time (parameter definable by customer).

Take a look at your “Top customers” and see which customer you have the most exchanges with.

analyse du temps de réponse sur les emails

Afraid to forget to answer? Your unanswered emails are displayed so that they are not forgotten.

Do you want to manage Outlook emails in your company efficiently?